Professional Organization

Downsize • De-clutter • Sort • Organize • Sell • Donate • Dispose • Recycle • Deliver • Pack • Move • Unpack • Settle In • Clear Estates

Is Moving in your near Future? 

Are you

  • ready to downsize but not sure how to sort through your current house and prioritize what to take?
  • needing help packing and moving everything?
  • wanting to re-home some things to family members or your favourite charity?
  • choosing to sell items, big or small?
  • wanting someone to manage every step of your move from sorting to packing, booking the moving company, and helping you settle in on Move Day?

Leave it to Kliever can provide as much help as you need.

Feeling Overwhelmed by Stuff?

Leave it to Kliever helps you sort through your things and design an organizing system that works.  We will help you implement a customized version of our “5 R’s” system.

(1) Replace things in their proper spot

(2) Regift items you don’t want

(3) Rehome pieces you don’t need to someone who would appreciate them

(4) Remove anything you don’t use

(5) Repurpose items with sentimental value. Why keep it in a box? Let’s find a creative way to keep it in your life.

Appointed as an Estate Trustee?

Large House ready to have contents catalogued

Part of your duties as an Estate Trustee includes organizing and itemizing house contents in preparation for dispersal to inheritors. We can do this part for you, including photo documentation.  We can also help Estate Trustees to sort out the paperwork, bills, house maintenance costs and more.




Helping someone move to Retirement or Long Term Care?

We can measure your new space and help decide what will fit and be functional in your new Retirement home.  For Long Term Care homes, it is important to keep treasures that will help someone feel connected to their loved ones and oriented in their new surroundings. You can rely on our experience to help ease the transition for both the individual and their loved ones.

Aging in Place?

Are you planning to stay in your own home as you age?  Let us help you review your home’s layout and features. We offer suggestions and assistance to reduce the likelihood of a fall, or an accident in the kitchen or bathroom. Rearranging furniture, brightening colours and contrasts, and identifying tripping hazards are smart first steps you can take to keep yourself safer at home.  


A proud member of Professional Organizers of Canada